Monday, 28 July 2008

Remaking Robin, part 3

In this edition I will be thinking about a more complete look, but also being a little more literal in where to actually buy the items I recommend. I have two main ideas about how to dress the torso. Any sort of shirt is excellent, plain rather than patterned is ideal, but if plaid is involved, as below, keep the fit tight and tuck-in-able to avoid scruffiness. Simple but high quality basic t-shirts and vests with an interesting cut underneath a sharp jacket is my second choice. I don't want to be too limiting, so anything is workable as long as it is well proportioned (e.g. more tailored trousers with a loose tee, or a smart shirt with denim and deck shoes). Here are some visual examples with credit to Stockholm Street Style:

I know it's easy to write about what I think looks good, but its much harder to find concrete, buyable garments. Acne is a great place to start, especially this, this, this and this. Furthermore, I will take back every derogatory word I've ever said about Topman if this is successful.

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