Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I want this, a lot.

It's so tacky that I think a knock-off version would be even better than the real thing (something I would never usually say about Chanel). Now I only wish I could remember where this picture is from...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Keller NY

I sometimes like to browse American websites for clothes even though I know there's no way they will ever be mine. Keller is another in an already significant checklist of reasons I absolutely have to go to New York as soon as possible. The vaguely unstyled, mismatched and ill-fitting nature of this photo shoot is a lesson in effortlessness that I can subscribe to.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Remaking Robin, part 3

In this edition I will be thinking about a more complete look, but also being a little more literal in where to actually buy the items I recommend. I have two main ideas about how to dress the torso. Any sort of shirt is excellent, plain rather than patterned is ideal, but if plaid is involved, as below, keep the fit tight and tuck-in-able to avoid scruffiness. Simple but high quality basic t-shirts and vests with an interesting cut underneath a sharp jacket is my second choice. I don't want to be too limiting, so anything is workable as long as it is well proportioned (e.g. more tailored trousers with a loose tee, or a smart shirt with denim and deck shoes). Here are some visual examples with credit to Stockholm Street Style:

I know it's easy to write about what I think looks good, but its much harder to find concrete, buyable garments. Acne is a great place to start, especially this, this, this and this. Furthermore, I will take back every derogatory word I've ever said about Topman if this is successful.

Ann Demeulemeester A/W '08

While I'm still daydreaming about my winter wardrobe (on probably one of the most mediterranean days of the year) I thought I'd include another of my favourite collections from the A/W '08 shows. It's probably quite obvious by now that this year I am favouring the gloomy pirate wrapped in the mainsail look, aptly envisioned here by Demeulemeester.

Topshop A/W '08

The day that I have been waiting for has finally come... from the 3rd August I can buy my Topshop uniform, which means 75% discount on future trends. Needless to say I am SO excited, having been shopping in my head for the last 4 weeks. To celebrate, I've found a selection of photographs that reflect the way I am going to be dressed heading into autumn and winter. These beautiful garments are all from Topshop.

Specific elements I will be recreating are; dark skinny trousers layered with wrinkled socks and boots (I won't be allowed these on discount, but I MUST have the boots), baggy jumpers with cute short skirts and the dove grey/blush pink and ink/charcoal/tartan colour combinations. Heavy volume on top and skinny on the bottom is a winter development of my current style. I already have a mini-houndstooth cocoon coat that makes me look like Totoro which I adore and will work perfectly in place of the blue plaid coat everyone is going to be obsessed with. I also have some more wet-look leggings on hold after the pair I bought on ebay a few months ago were too big... if there is one thing that leggings should not be it is baggy.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Desiree Dolron

Listen: Clint Mansell - The Last Man

Te Ti Todoa Mis Suenos


I have spent a lot of time thinking about why Desiree Dolron's photographs are so haunting, and have come to the conclusion that the subjects she portrays look dead, dying or possessed. An ethereal, unseen presence is more potent than what is overtly documented. Although her images are hellishly vibrant, there are no signs of life in them, not even when they have been captured mid-action. Go to her website to view her sinister, beautiful images in high resolution.

Lykke Li

I'm pretty much in love with Lykke Li. She is my favourite Swede (which says a lot as I do generally feel that Scandinavians are a step up on the genetic, social and sartorial scale). Her voice hits an improbable pitch of sugary sweet and hauntingly nostalgic and every girl I know who has seen her photograph has attempted to copy her hairstyle (including myself, even though I know it looks awful). Additionally, this blog is named after her debut album, which is addictive, even about three months after I first heard it. I can't wait to see her perform at Bestival in September, and hopefully make best friends with her. She is also doing a serious British tour this autumn, which I'm sure will make her very popular. 

Her video for Little Bit (the first song of hers I ever heard, thanks again to my music source Robin)

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Vivienne Westwood

I usually avoid Dazed and Confused magazine as it's a bit dry and "arty" for my taste, but I had to pick up the latest one, which was guest edited by Vivienne Westwood. Although I have just gotten over an unhealthy obsession with her pirate boots, I wouldn't use her designs to reflect my personal style. I haven't actually forced myself to read the issue yet (even with collaboration D&C just isn't for me), but I have looked at the pictures... a satisfying set featuring a cracked-out cavewoman Alice in Wonderland and sideshow friends.

This last one makes me feel sick, but I'm sure V.W., like any avante-garde artist, would be pleased to have provoked a dramatic response.