Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Daily Style

Some awesome shots have been coming out of fashion month on the blogs. I LOVE her dress.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Roger Deckker

roger deckker

roger deckker 2

These photographs have been in my inspirations folder for ages now, I thought it was time to put them up. Roger Deckker does a great action shot.

Helio Oiticica

"Helio Oiticica (1937-80) was one of the most creative artists of the twentieth century and played a key role in the development of Latin American art and culture. Since his premature death at the age of forty-three, his influence continues to grow. A key figure in the Tropicalia movement in Brazil that revolutionised popular music and the arts in the 1970s, he spent time in London and New York, where he forged new alliances and was a key influence on a wide range of artists.

Among his most important artistic achievements was the innovative and uncompromising use of colour that was a feature of his entire career, from his early abstract compositions to his later sculptures and large-scale installations. Combining it with music, rhythm and performance, he used colour to stimulate visual and tactile sensations, drawing in and involving his audience."

I'm feeling too tired/lazy to articulate my thoughts about Helio Oiticica's work today, so I've let the Tate website say it for me (better than I ever could).

Monday, 28 September 2009

Romance, 2



Comme des Garcons, A/W '05.

For those who know me, how upset do you think my mother/boyfriend would be if I came to my wedding dressed like this? It'd probably be worth it... I could play The Last Man by Clint Mansell walking down the aisle and have it in the graveyard where my friend Robin seems to be spending a lot of his time lately.


I found the pictures from Chris Craymer's adorable 'Romance' book on Niotillfem. Some of the images are a bit twee but a lot of them are lovely- I like the last three best.



I like Fafi. I also really like Letoya (ex-1st wave Destiny's Child). Listen above.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Panos Yiapanis

Photog: Karl Lagerfeld

Photog: David Armstrong

Panos Yiapanis is a Cypriot fashion editor and stylist who I decided to research after I saw a photo of him on Jak + Jil. He's styled all of the Givenchy menswear advertisements since 2007, as well as the Rick Owens fashion shows since 2002. He also directed the amazing Tilda Swinton shoot for the SS09 edition of Another Magazine (I am obsessed with Tilda).

Photog: Craig McDean

Even when working with Chanel haute couture, his grungy, dark style comes through as strongly as if he were dressing Rick Owens on halloween. Until recently I haven't really thought a huge amount about the stylists collaborating with my favourite designers and photographers, but this changes everything!

Erika Keck

Paintings 2008-2009

Erika Keck is a Brooklyn artist who swings between performance art, pop art and painting. Her paintings look as though they've been left out around her studio, then leant on, stained and smudged by daily life. The characters (which include several self portraits) look as though they're melting, slowly sliding off the canvas and collapsing.

Thom Kerr

Thom Kerr is an Australian badass who learnt how to wield a camera because of the lack of photographers able to realize his vision as a stylist and art director.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I've just bought myself a heavy jersey draped batwing jacket from Cos that looks rather like this one. It's amazing but I am still recovering from travelling home from work in this shockingly awful London weather. Brrrrrr. Lovely evening in planned with the fleetingly available boyfriend, and a day off tomorrow. Hooray!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Gake No Ue No Ponyo

I often creepily relate to cartoon characters - and they are most often drawn by Yoshitomo Nara or Hayao Miyazaki. Ponyo is a story about a small boy who lives on a cliff and makes friends with a goldfish who, through force of will, turns herself into a human, almost causing the end of the world.

It's out in the UK Feb 2010 (boo!) but luckily I managed to get hold of an amusingly literal subtitled version a couple of months ago. Studio Ghibli has teamed up with Walt Disney Studios, which I understand, but which also makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, like if Bjork supported Celine Dion on tour. One by product of this is when the English (American) dubbed version arrives there will be lots of familiar voices.

See what I mean?

Pipolitti Rist

Pipolitti Rist is a Swiss artist who specializes in video/audio installations. She has been in a band called Les Reines Prochaines (The Next Queens?), a visiting professor at UCLA, and her favourite number is 54. The latter set of images is described by Hauser and Wirth as a kind of domestic fantasy.