Sunday, 13 July 2008

Remaking Robin, part 2.

Today I am going to begin breaking down Robin's new look into simple principles that he can look for in any shop. I will start with the trouser, which is going to be one of the more important elements of this look.

Most immediately, the colours should be within the muted slate, cream, buff, khaki and tan family. Tacky clashing brights must be banished; if the hue cannot be found in nature then it's not going to happen. It is quite easy to focus and buy a set number of pieces that compliment each other, and by not choosing anything too flashy they will age well. This slightly sombre decision will be redeemed by the second consideration; cut and fit. As far as I'm concerned there are two main options, which I will illustrate with the help of Facehunter.

1) Ankle bashers.

I have been a fan of this look since last summer, and still don't feel any urge to unroll my trousers. I have taken it a step further and started buying too-short trousers deliberately, but this is not compulsory. I think it looks great on men as well, hitting the right mix of put together and effortless. With or without socks, it doesn't matter as long as they are worn with loafers.

2) Knee-length shorts.

This and above are both Fabrizio Rollo, the style editor of Brazilian Vogue (not an inappropriate style icon by any means.)

As it is supposedly summer, and Robin does have great legs, I am going to heartily encourage this nerdy short trouser look, with particular attention on faded rolled-up denim combined with a more formal button up shirt, or even the short itself made more interesting with otherwise fusty twill or tweed.

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