Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Matthew Ames









* My favourite.

(Via Childhood Flames)

I went househunting yesterday, which was a disaster and not just because of the rain. I'm not the sort of girl who can handle running around London all day with wet feet, so I decided to wear my All Saints military boots. Excellent for tramping around in puddles, but I also had to go to my new office (a fashion house :( !) to meet everyone, and I realised that my coats are too feminine to look at all decent with the boots. I had to choose comfort over making a good first impression, which probably added 3 months onto my internship. If I had a Matthew Ames cover up then I wouldn't have this problem- they are versatile and sculptural enough that if I chose to wear bin bags on my feet I would still look great. These images are from his A/W '08 collection, there is a lot more to see on his site.

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