Friday, 23 January 2009

Lonely Birthday









As stated a few posts back, I'll be moving house on Saturday. My house is slightly less aged and eccentric than this place, shot by Louis Parks for Vogue Korea, but it's equally charming. That said, it might take some time to bring it up to the standards of mummy's comfortable house (broadband, sky plus and constant central heating will soon be a distant memory...) I'm looking forward to my adventure, and I have a feeling that the blog might suffer slightly while I ground myself. I will definitely be collecting interns stories to share, and get back to normal service as soon as possible.


Harriet said...

omg, I live near that house! It's in south east london, I always thought it looked pretty amazing, but I've never seen it actually photographed before!

Good luck with the move, anyway!

le mart blog said...


rachie said...

Thanks Harriet! The move went really really well, just have to get internet sorted then I'll be updating properly again :) x