Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Laura Lobdell

I look at clothes websites/blogs/fashion mags far too often. This means that even though I decide on a daily basis that I need to save money for my long internship, I am also constantly finding the next thing that I absolutely need to own. Often it isn't particularly expensive, but I am finding it hard to face the reality that no money will be entering my bank account for at least 6 months (unless I cave and get a weekend job, most probably at a clothes shop, most definitely just so that I can buy more clothes). The main reason that I am holding off (for the most part) on splashing out, aside from the guilt factor, is my need to wait and see how I feel as an office girl, which will likely necessitate a different wardrobe than my Topshop uniform. Of course, this strategic shopping ban does not include jewellery. Hence Laura Lobdell is added to my ridiculously long list of places to buy from when I finally visit New York.

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