Monday, 17 August 2009

Jeff Koons

Yesterday my soul mate Amee and I reconnected after our forced vacation separation at the Serpentine Gallery to see the Popeye Series by Jeff Koons. It was basically amazing and you can read a tempting description of the exhibition and about Koons' work in general here.

From our obligatory exploration of the Serpentine bookshop (which we both decided was best shop on earth) I discovered the particular Koons display I want to exhibit here, namely his invasion of Versailles last year.

I would love to have witnessed the event, which caused a huge amount of controversy and was protested by French purists. I don't believe in taking art too seriously, and Koons' irreverent readymades are fun to look at as well as flawlessly crafted. I seriously recommend popping down to the Serpentine if you find yourself in the Hyde Park area (or even if not), it's his first major exhibition in a public English gallery and features loans from private collectors that have never before been available to the public. After a cup of Earl Grey under the floating aluminium palisade (designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa) I consider it a first class day out.

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