Monday, 31 August 2009

Follow the Dot

(dir Paul White)

(dir. Michel Gondry)

(dir. Chris Cunningham)

I kind of hate it when people post YouTube videos, and hardly ever click play. But today I've been relistening to Bjork, one of my all time favourite singers, who has the most amazing videos. They are actually very hard to find online, so I can't post all of my choices. Here is a fairly decent low resolution video gallery with lots of extra detail about the various themes and directors she's worked with (Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Nick Knight, Chris Cunningham etc.... dream team).

Controversially my favourite video not posted is probably Pagan Poetry, mainly for the part towards the end where she starts crying. One of the reasons I am obsessed with her videos the most is that she breaks so many cardinal rules of music videos as dominated by Beyonce, Britney, Girls Aloud– including no make up, shaved head, body stockings, corset piercing, nudity, and absolutely no flattering angles at any time. As much as I love the divas listed above, I can’t handle any more overly edited videos of them wiggling about in leotards with 6 inches of make up (apart from this, obviously, of which I will never be able to watch enough).

Anyway if you ever have a chance to watch Bjork’s music videos on DVD do it! Also click here to see a live performance of Aurora at the Royal Opera House, London, 2001. It shows the process behind the sound effects on the track (including crunching gravel and an Inuit chorus).

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