Monday, 31 August 2009

Hervé Tullet

Hervé Tullet is a French children's author, internationally acclaimed illustrator, artist and art director. My cousin is having a baby in November and I can't seem to stop planning the awesome things I'm going to get for it (sex unknown). So far, the list includes a towel with hood and ears, a cuddly bunny, and some books that it won't possibly be able to enjoy until the age of five at the earliest. Birthdays are mapped out for the forseeable future. Have been doing some personal reconnaissance work re: Tullet (which has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting the colouring book for myself, and everything to do with baby suitability...) Will post an update when said colouring book has been delivered.

Also - full disclosure - I went to a preview of (500) Days of Summer a week ago and can't stop listening to the soundtrack, which hopefully explains the track above.

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