Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Selphie Bong

I stumbled across Selphie Bong, who has been showing at Bali Fashion Week (which i didn't actually know existed if I'm honest) since 2007. Jewel tones and reflective fabrics don't really appeal to me per se. It might be linked to my festive feelings, but the unusual cut and tailoring of her clothes made me want to write about her. That and the fact that she's my age (21) and has designed 5 collections!

(The guy looks a little strange but he's got a bit of the Gareth Pugh's happening)


Anonymous said...

I drop by to your blog by accident.
Do you know this selphie bong background? she is a cake baker before and a progammer.
I made my wedding gown at her, it turn so beautiful, though it cost me thousands. I have 10 pieces of her collection, her prices goes up like hell. :(

Jessie said...

hahahaha Gareth Pughs lol. I think I know this guy. I like the suit though, looks like skunk.