Friday, 3 October 2008


After recently receiving some very good news about an internship in the new year, which I'm trying (/failing) to keep quiet for fear of jinxing it somehow, I've been feeling an impulse to decorate myself in sequins, (via Topshop) bows, ruffles and more sequins (YSL SS'09 via Considering who my future internship is with, I think I've definitely absorbed the cliche of dressing for the job I want. With that in mind, I want to talk about how awesome Sophie Hulme is. I'd desperately like a glittering backpack for Christmas, and as luck would have it Sophie is a Londoner, with no less than three stockists in the city, including my very favourite department store, Selfridges. Robin, I'm going to buy you one as well, and we'll wear them together next time we meet.

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