Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Daily Style: Opposites


Beautiful tailoring vs deconstructed layers.
I can never decide which is more me; there is a fine balance between flattering to the figure (which requires some concept of fit) and comfortable (oversized and stretchy). Too structured and I usually end up with bruises, blisters and a shortness of breath. I once insisted on wearing a new pair of Chloe platforms to lunch and they were so heavy I fell on my ankle and almost brought down a wall of pickle. However, too baggy and layered can easily sink into slobbishness.


robin said...

i remember the pickle incident well. haha. chloe platforms covered in chutney.

rachie said...

hahaha i didn't even mention the incident where i almost fell out of your bedroom window, taking the record player with me! same shoes, never going to put me off wearing them! x