Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I currently can't stop thinking about a certain pair of boots I ordered from All Saints last week. They were one of those items that I dismissed 2 months ago for being too expensive and impractical, then obsessed about every day (and it doesn't help that I pass All Saints every day before and after work). Last Friday I decided to just pop in on my way home to try them on, to prove to myself that they weren't as amazing as I had built them up to be, then hopefully move on.

I ended up getting the phone numbers of all the stores that had them left in stock in my size and phoned each and every one of them, as well as several friends within a 45 minute radius for possible collection purposes. Resultantly, a pair should be waiting for me in Cambridge by Friday, as a generous 21st birthday present to myself. Luckily the weather has been crappy lately, because clompy calf-height military boots might be slightly uncomfortable in 30 degree heat, and they aren't going to be leaving my feet once I have them in my possession. I will be wearing them with a bad attitude and wet look leggings.

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