Saturday, 8 May 2010


I am getting a long overdue hair cut this afternoon, at the awesome VIVA salon in Soho. The question is, should I stick with a version of my current look-

with the ultimate goal of having SUPER long hair and a pouffy bun that is as big as my head-

seen above is also my chosen colour. Or should I go wild and chop off the efforts of a good 2 years slow and painful growth, for a haircut that might look extremely cool on this girl, but I am sure to regret after half an hour-

What do you reckon?


Lucy said...

You should definately leave your hair long! Imagine the satisfaction when you can achieve the bun in the second photo..
Lucy at werethewildthingsmightbe.blogspot

flo said...

I'm pretty sure all haircuts can suit your beautiful face ;)
Maybe long hair is more feminine and short hair more childish (according to our western society... huh).

Personally, i had very long hair (at the small of the back) and I cut it very short (like that, except i’m not Natalie hehe…). People (especially guys) who knew me were horrified, but i never regretted it because I really wanted to do it for a long time. So I would say : wait until you’ll be sure of your choice. If all the girls you find beautiful are short-haired and you find yourself more attractive when visualizing you with short hair, just do it ! ;) People are afraid of changing, especially when it comes to cut hair. It’s sad because it can reveal/affirm a personality.

prince said...

that was great..:)

rachie said...

in case you're wondering - i left it long but dyed it 3 shades darker!

pittapatta said...

long, definitely! I hacked into my hair 3 years ago, almost a short back and sides - dreadful. i liked it at the time, but i really want my long hair back now, i'm even considering extensions... ultimate desperation