Friday, 19 February 2010



If I ever decide to start wearing colour, it will now have to be every pastel colour all at once in scribbly patterns. I have recently bought at least 4 beige pieces of clothing (2 dresses, a cardi and some shoes) so if nothing else I have the base for something amazing. All I need to add are the rhinestones, tattered lace and perspex visor with felt tip eyes drawn on. Yes!


popdisorder said...

we are in love with this editorial and with Sasha :)

The poster girl for trouble. said...

i LOVE that photoshoot. so creative and ever so slightly creepy... but in such a good way!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY am going to try this for my 2 year old daughter. I would love to scribble and doodle all over a pair of khakis, tights...the works. Can't wait for the reactions she'll be getting!