Monday, 8 February 2010

Architectural Digest

I love looking at other peoples' houses and decorative choices, and keep a file of photos for when I buy my own home. The American magazine Architectural Digest has some of the very best homes - fully conceptualized design schemes, but without pretension, frills or gaudiness. It's obvious that everything in these images is of the highest quality, but the natural fibres and quirky touches make each home - rather than a stale museum of style - entirely comfortable. The first set is my favourite, but for me happiness will always be an armchair next to the bedroom window (like the one I am currently typing from in my rented flat - thanks landlords!)


Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite pass times as well! any and every time i see something i like, i drag it to my 'apartment' folder on my desktop. i have hundreds of images so far ranging from karl lagerfeld's home to family homes in japan.

you should check out has great pictures every day!

i also post interior design stuff every now and then at

sincerely, M

Anonymous said...

This really is a beautiful house; in some ways just what I've dreamt of. But somehow in the midst of it's rusticity, it also manages to be snobbishly impossible. And therefore it never could be my home.
Sorry to be negative. Thank you for sharing; I will definitely take away some new ideas from this.