Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Luella 4eva

As some of you may know, earlier this year I did a four month internship in the press office at Luella, and I still consider the girls there to be very close friends (one of them is also my housemate). Needless to say the shut down is absolutely devastating news, not because I have any fear that they won't all go on to even more amazing things, but because this season was the very best ever and there probably won't be any more for quite a while. I wasn't even going to mention the whole sad turn of events until I saw this:

Fifi Luella

I might as well just make this into a Fifi Lapin fanblog right now. Here are some more of my favourite Luella/Fifi outfits from the last two years.

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Marta Represa said...

It's such sad news about Luella... But let's have hope! Fifi Lapin's drawings are sooo cute.