Saturday, 28 November 2009


the wedge boots of my dreams

My musician boyfriend was recently called into the offices of Karla Otto (one of the fiercest fashion PR agencies in the world) to select some gifts from COS. Yes, he is a very lucky boy, and came back with some amazing stuff (unfortunately un-stealable) that is currently sitting in a huge swag bag at the foot of my bed.

Anyone who knows me will realize that this is one of my dream scenarios, but I swallowed my jealousy and remembered that my cousin (who designs their window concepts) promised me clothes as payment for my babysitting skills for their newborn. Also I get paid on Monday and have already bought most of my Christmas presents, so I think it might be time to treat myself to the wedge boots above that I've been obsessed with for months. I don't even usually like wedges! I am rarely so in love with an entire collection of clothes that I can afford (for those who don't know, COS is H&M's older sister brand).

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