Wednesday, 27 January 2010


bardot birkin
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I had my hair cut yesterday, not at my usual amazing Soho guy but at a 'trendy' chain in Fulham... which is basically the diagonal opposite side of London to where I live and work. Needless to say it was at a very discounted rate, and although it's a technically good hair cut, he really didn't understand my vibe. I always wash my hair and then sleep on it so it's as messy as possible, and absolutely never use any product. It is currently poker straight and way too shiny. My hairdresser didn't chat to me, at all, and the music was mainly funky remixes of Justin Timberlake songs. It was generally just a very weird experience. On the plus side, I don't have any short pouffy layers, a sticky out fringe or a chin length bob... so my quest for mermaid hair (a la Jane and Brigit above) continues.

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Anonymous said...

that's the sort of hair cut i am in search of too. i hate defined and straight-edged layers. they're so unnatural!
i made the mistake of cutting my hair into a bob last july...NEVER will i cut my hair short again. i feel like with the 10 inches of hair i cut off, i lost my femininity too.
i never know how to express what i'm looking for in words, so i always bring in pictures of daria and kate moss...yet the hair dressers never get it right.

i guess we're both still on the hunt for the perfect, wispy hair cut!

sincerely, M