Thursday, 18 September 2008

LFW: Topshop Unique & Louise Goldin

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One of my favourite collections so far and something I can actually afford, who knew!? Now all I need to do is put a shopping date in my diary and make sure I don't leave work before I can stick all of this on my discount card. (If not all of it, at the very very least the washed out denim and amazing black dress will be mine.) I can even get behind the chavvy headscarf and hoop earrings. I've realised lately that I am going to have a serious problem and probably end up staying at Topshop forever due to the fact that it is too traumatic to even think about the day I have to give my card back. I've already maxed it out twice and I've only had it since the beginning of the month. Eek indeed.

Speaking of Topshop, by which I mean designers who have collaborated with, Louise Goldin also put some very compelling pieces of pastel on show this week:

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I hope some of her style can trickle down to the minimum wagers like me with another diffusion line in the near future.

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